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3 Top Tips For Buying Contacts Online

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In today’s digital world, anything we could possibly want is only a few clicks away. You want a new smartphone? Done! You like that red dress you saw advertised on Facebook? It’s yours! You ran out of contact lenses and need to order more? Not so fast!

Because contact lenses are a medical device that’s worn on one of the most sensitive and infection-prone places on your body, you should take special caution when buying online. Poor fitting contact lenses or contacts that aren’t the right prescription have the potential to do serious short-term and long-term damage to your vision and eyes.

So, want to know how to order contacts online successfully? Our eye care team at has compiled a list of some of our top tips for properly choosing contact lenses online. Take a look!

1. Don’t Skip A Visit To Your Eye Doctor

Before you order your contacts online, a visit to your eye doctor is an absolute necessity. They will be able to run tests to ensure that contact lenses are the right choice of vision correction for you based on your lifestyle, eye health and medical history. If so, they will test your vision and take accurate measurements of your eyes to ensure proper fit and the right prescription. This is important because wearing contact lenses that don’t fit properly or are not the right prescription can pose serious risks to both your long-term and short-term vision and eye health.

2. Don’t Skip Product Reviews

Now that you’ve got your prescription from your eye doctor, you want to make sure that you find just the right contacts for you. This is why it’s so important to check product reviews. Do you want to be able to sleep in your contacts? Is it important to you to find contact lenses that are breathable, so that your eyes don’t feel dry? Is visual clarity your number one concern? All of these considerations and more can be evaluated by reading through reviews and finding the contact lens that has the best reviews for what you’re looking for.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Shop Around

So, now you’ve found the right contact lenses for you. Congratulations! But, not so fast! Have you looked around to make sure you’re getting the best price? Don’t be afraid to look at a number of online stores to see if you can get a better deal than initially found. Some places may offer special rebates or “buy one, get one,’ deals that make it more cost-effective to buy lenses from them. You never know until you try!

Want to know more about contact lenses and how best to buy them? Contact our Santa Clarita  eye doctors today!